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Hello! I’m Linda Orcelletto principal of Orcelletto Communications. Since 2007, I’ve focused on all types of communication and marketing. It’s a broad umbrella of skills for sure. But I’ve got you covered.

My last name is easier to pronounce than you might imagine!

Oar Sah Let Toe – but you can call me Linda O!


My super power is creating community connections. I have a flair for all things marketing and communications: writing, editing, proofing, copy editing, public relations, plus event planning and management.


On the relationship side, I excel in donor development, grant writing, member relations, database management, volunteer coordination and project management. 


My greatest joys in life are smiling and laughing, enjoying a beverage with friends at any time, and helping you and your business succeed. Engaged in Central for more than 25 years, my ‘Midwest nice’, ethics, integrity and get ‘er done attitude and values shine through. I will always believe the best in people.

Let’s work together! I’d love to hear from you. 

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